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Weight Loss (3-Day Cleanse-Detox)

Costs Up to 75% LESS than popular cleansing programs!

“I need a good detox – but I only have 3 days!”Lisa Buldo
“I’ve got to clean out my system and lose some weight!!!”
“I need to control cravings – NOW!!!”

Have you found yourself saying any of the above? Me too!  🙂

Lisa Buldo, Certified Health Coach, has found this to be an amazing jumpstart to healthy weight loss with Beyond Organic’s Suero Viv beverage – in what she calls:

“3-day Easy Detox”->> amazing 3-day cleanse!

Lisa says, “My friends and I have experienced great success with the 3-day detox. It has the amazing Beyond Organic product,  Suero Viv, and is a great jump-start to healthier living.”

SueroViv, a living cultured whey beverage from Beyond Organic (Jordan Rubin’s amazing organic company) supplies what Lisa calls “the perfect Detox drink!” SueroViv means “WHEY of Life!”

Watch this amazing video with NY Times Best-selling author Jordan Rubin!

People all over the world are rediscovering the health benefits of whey:

* Provides Immune System Support

* Promotes healthy Weight Loss

* Helps with Blood Sugar (helpful for Diabetes)

* Helps Lower Blood Pressure

* Detoxifies & cleanses digestive & elimination systems

A refreshing and replenishing beverage, SueroViv has the perfect potassium/sodium blend, so it’s a tonic elixir that helps detox and flush out stagnant waste from the body – and since it’s loaded with healthful probiotics, it’s a great living beverage.

SueroViv has a full spectrum nutrient profile, essential oils, and probiotic cultures, with Reign Supreme mountain spring water and organic fruit juices and Beyond Organic WHEY from their 100% GreenFed cattle.

Beyond Organic’s Suero Viv is a fermented whey drink, flavored with organic essential oils, and is a new spin on an ancient drink. The ancient Greek “father of medicine” Hippocrates prescribed whey to his patients, and it’s often referred to as the gold standard of protein. It has also been called “healing water” and all traditional cultures consume it.

See the three different types of 3-Day Suero Cleanses here and order the one that suits you best! I personally did the Suero Gold Cleanse twice with awesome results! I lost about 6 pounds in three days — both times. The Suero Gold It’s tastes like stinky cheese, but it’s ohhh… so good for you!  😀  Your taste buds will get used to it. The Bronze and Silver taste much better. The Suero Gold is ONLY whey water… NOTHING else in it. Let me know if you have any questions at all.

You can reach me directly at 1-800-584-3216. Leave a message and I will return your call ASAP.

Suero Cleanse Bronze — Click here.

Suero Cleanse Silver – Click here.

Suero Cleanse Gold – Click here.

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