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5 Secrets to Great Health – Start Today!

5 Secrets to Great Health

Whether you want to get in shape, have more energy, improve your digestive system, reverse diabetes, lower cholesterol, clear acne, etc… there are 5 simple STEPS you need to do — and do them consistently.  They are VERY simple! 

1.  Eat an anti-inflammatory diet and drink lots of water.

This means “in a nutshell,” don’t put things in your body that causes inflammation in your cells, tissues, joints, muscles, etc.  Inflammation is at the root of most, if not all disease.  Eat protein (100% green-green/grass-fed beef like 100% grass-fed beef, organic beans; fish such as salmon, sardines and flounder; cage free, pastured eggs); good fat (olive oil, green/grass-fed cheese, avocados, nuts and seeds); and fiber (from veggies or fruit in moderation) at each meal.  Snack on raw nuts and seeds and fruits such as applies or berries.  Celery with raw almond butter is an amazing and healthy snack!  Eat more greens every day, drink lots of purified water, as well as super healthy beverages with cultured whey and probiotics like Suero-Viv.

2.  Minimize grains, starches, sugar and omega 6 in your daily nutrition.
I have said for years that most grains are inflammatory because they convert to sugar in the body.  Then they get stored as not only fat, but saturated fat.  No good!  This can also mess with your hormones and ultimately your thyroid.  I recommend staying away from corn oil and vegetable oil — both of which are loaded with omega 6.  Switch to olive oil for salads and quick sautes, and coconut oil for cooking.

3.  Manage Stress.
One way to manage stress is to plan your day accordingly.  Even if you work from home, make a schedule and stick to it.  Be sure to schedule days off as well.  Get a monthly planner so you can look at the month in advance, and go from there.  Plan from morning to evening giving yourself a break in between.  Also, when you’re feeling stressed, take 5 – 10 deep slow breaths in and out through the nose, and you will instantly feel calm.  This technique forces your body to calm down, while giving you energy.

4.  Exercise.
Yes, this is a must too, but it doesn’t need to be overwhelming.  If you can’t get to a gym, or you prefer to work out at home like I do, get yourself some dumbbells and a good workout DVD, and just go for it, 3 – 4 times per week.  I prefer morning before breakfast to get the most out of the workout.  It’s best to work out on an empty stomach so you burn fat instead of sugar.  You can find work out videos for next to nothing on, even on You Tube for absolutely nothing!

5.  Drink only in moderation and don’t smoke!
If you like a glass of wine (red being more recommended, then fine), but only one drink a day for women, and two for men.  Not more than that.  And please don’t smoke.  It depletes your body of oxygen, which is exactly what your body needs to thrive.  Since it depletes your body of oxygen, it makes you much more prone to disease, and ages you very rapidly.  Enough said.

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