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Why You Need 90 Essential Nutrients

You Can’t Get All Your Nutrients From Food

90 Essential NutrientsIn addition to eating a healthy whole-foods, and eating gluten-free and GMO free, there is a reason why you need all 90 Essential Nutrients. It’s because every human being needs to prevent nutritional deficiencies, which can result in disease.

You cannot get all of your nutrients from just your food or a few vitamins.  If you are missing any of these 90 essential nutrients, you open yourself up to disease. Every human being needs: 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids and 3 essential fatty acids.  This is what we refer to as the “Mighty 90 Vitamins and Minerals.” Order yours here.

90 Essential NutrientsSo this is pretty AWESOME: My brother who sees patients everyday in the hospital he works at in California just called me and said while visiting my sister this past week, she got blood test results back from a regular checkup, and her blood work was unbelievably perfect — like that of a teenager. He’s said he’s never seen this on a woman in her late 40’s. What do you think is ordering today!!!?? Soooo cool! She takes her 90 Essential Nutrients faithfully! Another testament to Doctor Wallach and 90 for Life! ~ Lisa Buldo, NJ

If you have a certain issue such as diabetes, I recommend the Healthy Blood Sugar pack.  If you have diabetes, be sure to see my post on 7 Tips to Reverse Diabetes. If you have joint pain or arthritis, I recommend the Healthy Bone and Joint Pack. Contact me with any questions and I will help you determine which pack is right for you. See all 90 Essential Nutrient packs here.

You Cannot Get ALL 90 Essential Nutrients from Food.

90 Essential NutrientsFood is lacking in minerals due to the depleted soil over the last 50 years. An organic carrot may have 3 minerals. You need all 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids, and 2-3 essential fatty acids to prevent disease.

Dr. Wallach is a pioneer of health, is 75 years young, and travels the world over 300 days a year giving free nutrition talks.  He has written several books, including a 1200-page book that is in our Smithsonian Institute as a national treasure.  He also received an award at the United Nations.

What health challenges are you struggling with? I recommend you take the 90 Essential Nutrients and get your blood work done again in just 90 days.

Watch this interview that’s sweeping the globe, and contact me with questions at 1-800-584-3216.

What a great video. This is inspired so many to take control of their health. After seeing this for yourself, you can understand the importance of getting all 90 Essential Nutrients.

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