Are You Eating Healthy Eggs?

Are You Eating Healthy Eggs?So nutrition facts tell us that eggs are an amazing source of protein, but are you eating healthy eggs?

This subject is fascinating to me, especially in light of the fact that for years we kept hearing about how eggs raise bad cholesterol levels.  I believe that non-organic, non-pastured eggs will do just that. They are not the best choice since they are coming from grain-fed chickens, which are most likely not even healthy.  Otherwise, consuming pastured organic eggs is absolutely healthy.  The picture to the right is my breakfast of choice, and I switch it up with a smoothie sometimes.  It’s either or for me.

Here’s the Recipe in this Photo:  
This omelet has 2 eggs and the following organic spices:  turmeric, italian seasoning, black pepper and basil. It also has organic cut up sundried tomatoes and organic spinach. YUM!  The bread is a multi-seed bread I get from Whole Foods Market. The avocado is organic. I LOVE THIS BREAKFAST, and it takes all of 7 minutes from start to finish!  :)

Are You Eating Healthy Eggs?

Do you like to eat eggs for breakfast? What constitutes healthy eggs?
Are YOU eating healthy eggs?  By clicking on the link you will see the scoreboard and you can see how the brand you are eating measures up!

I am happy to report that I have been buying the Vital Farms brand for a few years now, which has received a 5-Star Rating as one of the best!  YAY!  This is great news.  We try our best, but no matter what, we are still at the mercies of the food industry.  We must really educate ourselves if we want to be the healthiest we can.  Ironically, the 5-Star rated eggs are literally labeled as “Beyond” Organic eggs.  How cool is that?  I am all about Beyond Organic nutrition, and helping others to be as well.

Last Time… Ask yourself…  Are You Eating Healthy Eggs?

The healthiest eggs will be brighter orange or yellow in color, they will NOT be fed GMO (genetically modified organism) grains, and they will be let out to pasture and receive sunshine daily.  They are not coming from sickly chickens or hens.  GMO is never good!

If you have been struggling in any way with your health and you would like a free 15-Minute Consultation, I encourage you to schedule it here.  I will do my best to help support you in your health goals and make my best recommendations for you based upon your needs and health goals.

Remember to ask yourself again… are you eating healthy eggs?    :)  If not, now you will know which eggs to buy and where you can get them.  :)  Until next time… be blessed!






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