How to Prevent Nutritional Deficiencies

90 Essential Nutrients

In addition to eating a healthy whole-foods, and eating gluten-free and GMO free, there are 90 Essential Nutrients that every human being needs to prevent nutritional deficiencies, which can result in disease.

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Are You Eating Healthy Eggs?

Are You Eating Healthy EggsSo nutrition facts tell us that eggs are an amazing source of protein, but are you eating healthy eggs?

This subject is fascinating to me, especially in light of the fact that for years we kept hearing about how eggs raise bad cholesterol levels. This is simply not true! Fried foods raise cholesterol. Your brain is made up of mostly cholesterol, and without enough of it, people get Alzheimer’s disease.

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Alkalize Your Body for Good Health

Alkalize Your BodyFoods typically consumed by most Americans are overly acidic-forming foods and these are hurting our inner terrain – including our cells. It’s a well known fact that the body and its processes (immune, metabolic, enzymatic and restorative), do better in an alkaline environment instead of an acidic one.

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Say NO to GMO

GMOs in ySay No to GMOour food are on the rise.  This is vital information for your health.  What are GMOs?  They are “genetically modified organisms.”  Our food is being “experimented” with or “genetically modified” by injecting a gene from a different species into another species.  Ewwww!  Do you really want to eat a tomato that’s been injected with a gene from a fish?  This is exactly what is happening! 

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5 Secrets to Great Health

Whether you want to get in shape, have more energy, improve your digestive system, reverse diabetes, lower cholesterol, clear acne, etc… there are 5 simple STEPS you need to do — and do them consistently.  They are VERY simple! 

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Avoid Pork for Good Health

If you’re at all familiar with the Bible you’ll probably remember that in it God specifically instructed His people not to eat pork and shellfish. Many people are surprised to find this out, but in the Old Testament God warned us that the pig was an unclean animal–a scavenger and not to be eaten (Check out Leviticus 11). Medical science backs up that pigs are not good to eat from a health standpoint.

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Two Super Spices for Health

There are twoTurmeric and Cayenne Pepper “SUPER” Spices I want you to know about today!  They are turmeric and cayenne pepper. There is just not enough talk about these two miracle spices yet.  In my opinion, they are an absolute “dynamic duo!”  I personally use them in cooking every night, whether I make a chicken or fish dish.
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Say NO to Artificial Sweeteners

More and more reports are confirming that artificial sweeteners are no good for you.  That means all diet sodas and diet drinks as well.  It’s because… well, it’s artificial.  Anything that is “artificial” is not good to ingest into your body.  Your body views it as a toxic foreign substance, and it doesn’t break down in your body properly.

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Are You Eating This Silent Killer?

So what is thiAre You Eating This Silent Killers silent killer? It is called MSG. (Monosodium Glutamate). What is MSG anyway? MSG is known as a “flavor enhancer,” and it’s regularly used as an additive in Chinese Food, as well as thousands of other foods, processed foods, and restaurant foods.  Some experts say that MSG is more dangerous than alcohol or even nicotine.  MSG is even being used in schools, baby food and even infant formula.

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Flush Fat Fast with Asparagus

Asparagus is a wonderful fat flusher! It has a duo of nutrients in it that flush belly-bloating water weight and fat-trapping toxins. Asparagus also has a type of “Pre-biotic” in it that feed good bacteria in your gut to promote weight loss.  

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