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Say NO to GMO

GMOs in ySay No to GMOour food are on the rise.  This is vital information for your health.  What are GMOs?  They are “genetically modified organisms.”  Our food is being “experimented” with or “genetically modified” by injecting a gene from a different species into another species.  Ewwww!  Do you really want to eat a tomato that’s been injected with a gene from a fish?  This is exactly what is happening! 

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Get Rid of Hiccups in 5 Seconds – It Works!

Have you ever beehiccupsn so embarrassed because you had hiccups and didn’t know how to get rid of them in public? You try everything, and you even think they are gone, and then all of a sudden, you hiccup again.  I’ve got the
“5-Second Hiccup Solution!” Super easy, and it takes 5 seconds! 

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Oral Health Affects Overall Health

oral healthDid you know that your oral health affects your overall health? It’s true and in so many instances, this is something that we don’t really think about on a daily basis. We may hear about it once a year or hopefully twice a year when we go to have our teeth cleaned. 

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Thermography vs. Mammography


It had been 13 years since my last mammography, and a few years ago at age 47,  I knew it was time to get checked again, but I did not want the radiation of a traditional mammogram.  Not only that, but I found the mammogram a bit painful.  Then I heard about this new concept and thought “what is thermography?” 

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The Kingdom of God

Kingdom of God

Since I have such a love and passion for the Word of God, and for bringing the Kingdom of God here on the Earth, as it is in Heaven, I am always searching for ways to learn and grow, and then to bring what I find to you!  Also, you can find out more about living a life of power when you know the Lord and are led by his Holy Spirit. This is how you will bring the Kingdom of God on the earth (as it is in Heaven). 

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5 Secrets to Great Health

Whether you want to get in shape, have more energy, improve your digestive system, reverse diabetes, lower cholesterol, clear acne, etc… there are 5 simple STEPS you need to do — and do them consistently.  They are VERY simple! 

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Is Obesity a Problem in the Church?

The article below is written by Jordan Rubin, Author of the Maker’s Diet.  Jordan expresses his view of the obesity tragedy in our churches today.  I couldn’t agree with him more, which is why I am posting this article.  Keep reading, as this is a very real epidemic in America. 

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Avoid Pork for Good Health

If you’re at all familiar with the Bible you’ll probably remember that in it God specifically instructed His people not to eat pork and shellfish. Many people are surprised to find this out, but in the Old Testament God warned us that the pig was an unclean animal–a scavenger and not to be eaten (Check out Leviticus 11). Medical science backs up that pigs are not good to eat from a health standpoint.

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Get Rid of Belly Fat Fast

Here Banish Belly Fatare 5 Secrets to burn fat fast and slim that waistline. You can do this very easily with a little effort and a little discipline. The rewards can pay off handsomely if you do it now. Why wait? You want to look and feel better now. Make your health and priority. Take care of your body, and your body will take care of you! See the 5 Secrets to burn fat fast now: 

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Two Super Spices for Health

There are twoTurmeric and Cayenne Pepper “SUPER” Spices I want you to know about today!  They are turmeric and cayenne pepper. There is just not enough talk about these two miracle spices yet.  In my opinion, they are an absolute “dynamic duo!”  I personally use them in cooking every night, whether I make a chicken or fish dish.
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