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Weight Loss Made Easy for You

Weight Loss Made Simple
Today I’m going to give you 8 keys to weight loss made simple. It was never meant to be about a diet. Many rely on weight loss pills or even weight loss surgery, but it’s not about that. The best weight loss pills in the world will not make you healthy or help you lose weight permanently.

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How to Prevent Nutritional Deficiencies

90 Essential Nutrients

In addition to eating a healthy whole-foods, and eating gluten-free and GMO free, there are 90 Essential Nutrients that every human being needs to prevent nutritional deficiencies, which can result in disease.

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Is Obesity a Problem in the Church?

The article below is written by Jordan Rubin, Author of the Maker’s Diet.  Jordan expresses his view of the obesity tragedy in our churches today.  I couldn’t agree with him more, which is why I am posting this article.  Keep reading, as this is a very real epidemic in America. 

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Get Rid of Belly Fat Fast

Here Banish Belly Fatare 5 Secrets to burn fat fast and slim that waistline. You can do this very easily with a little effort and a little discipline. The rewards can pay off handsomely if you do it now. Why wait? You want to look and feel better now. Make your health and priority. Take care of your body, and your body will take care of you! See the 5 Secrets to burn fat fast now: 

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Two Super Spices for Health

There are twoTurmeric and Cayenne Pepper “SUPER” Spices I want you to know about today!  They are turmeric and cayenne pepper. There is just not enough talk about these two miracle spices yet.  In my opinion, they are an absolute “dynamic duo!”  I personally use them in cooking every night, whether I make a chicken or fish dish.
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Drop 5 Pounds This Week

You want to get 5-10 pounwaist measurementds off fast.  Like this week fast!  You want to do it the healthy way, so here you go.  Do this and you can easily drop 5 pounds THIS WEEK!  I always tell my clients that the fastest way to shed pounds is to eat lots of fish and greens with olive oil, and beans and greens with olive oil. It just WORKS!! 

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Flush Fat Fast with Asparagus

Asparagus is a wonderful fat flusher! It has a duo of nutrients in it that flush belly-bloating water weight and fat-trapping toxins. Asparagus also has a type of “Pre-biotic” in it that feed good bacteria in your gut to promote weight loss.  

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