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You Can Lose 5 Pounds This Week!

Drop 5 Pounds This Week

You want to get 5-10 pounwaist measurementds off fast.  Like this week fast!  You want to do it the healthy way, so here you go.  Do this and you can easily drop 5 pounds THIS WEEK!  I always tell my clients that the fastest way to shed pounds is to eat lots of fish and greens with olive oil, and beans and greens with olive oil. It just WORKS!! 

You might say, “but what about all the other foods?”  I’m talking about losing a quick 5 pounds THIS week!  (Smile!)

You need 3 things:  PROTEIN, GOOD FAT & FIBER:  Protein jumpstarts your metabolism, good fat stabilizes blood sugar, and fiber gets rid of garbage in your system.

eggs & beans

1.  Eat a Healthy Breakfast to jumpstart your metabolism.

Example:  2 organic/free range eggs with half an avocado and a 1/2 cup of cantaloupe or blueberries.  Or 2 organic eggs, some black beans, organic salsa on top, a side of cantaloupe, and a slice of Ezekiel bread with olive oil on top.  Those are power breakfasts!

2.  Eat a Healthy Lunch about 4-5 hours later. 

 Example:  Dark leafy green salad with wild-Alaskan salmon from the can or pouch, or a third of a can of beans. Sprinkle extra virgin olive oil, a little lemon juice or balsamic vinegar, and good to go!  I also like mine with some hard parmesan cheese on top (the kind you grate).  You can also add other veggies if you like!

3.  Eat a Healthy Dinner and Eat around 6 p.m. if possible.flounder with sundried tomatoes

 Example:  Baked flounder coated with olive oil, sprinkled with turmeric, add dill weed spice, garlic powder, sundried tomatoes, lemon juice, and bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.  Sometimes I add a few green olives as well.  Have a side salad or some grilled asparagus with olive oil, garlic and lemon juice.

Don’t eat anything else after dinner!  Close that kitchen.  Let your food digest for about 3-4 hours, and get to sleep.

Snacks:  If you want to snack in between meals, have an apple and maybe just a hand full of walnuts or almonds.  Also – drink LOTS of water during the day.  You will drop pounds faster than you ever thought possible.  Add in some exercise first thing in the a.m. and……… GOOD TO GO!

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