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Immune System and Cancer

The Immune System and Disease (including cancer)

Immune System and Cancer

Your immune system is your body’s ONLY defense to protect you from ALL forms of disease (germs, bad bacteria, parasites and cancer). Without the immune system, healing would not take place. It is working every second of every minute of every day. When it does not work properly, you get infections, viruses and worse. 

Beta glucan activates the immune system receptors to attack tumors, growths, and gobble up bad cells in the body like pac-man.  

Many use nutrition to fight cancer, and that’s good, but that’s like the army without bullets. Nutrition alone is NOT enough. You need a STRONG immune system first, as well as good nutrition. Our Beta 1, 3-D Glucan is the most widely tested and studied, and is the most powerful beta glucan available today.

WATCH THE VIDEOS BELOW, and contact me with any questions at 800-584-3216. You may also order here. Contact me, and I will answer any questions you may have.

Beta Glucan, the Immune System and Cancer
(Watch 5-min Video)

See How Beta Glucan Works!  (See 2-min. video)

Meet A.J. (the Scientist-Formulator), and how to
take Beta Glucan  (See 3-min. video)

The above videos show the relationship between the immune system and cancer.

If you are basically healthy, but want to protect your immune system, order the RVB 300. This contains 100 mg of beta 1, 3-D glucan, 100 mg of Resveretrol and 50 mg of Vitamin C. Order here.

If you have asthma or allergies, I’d recommend adding the RYL 500 (which contains 500 mg of beta 1, 3-D glucan alone).  Order here

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If you, or someone you love has been through cancer, chemo or radiation, (or are presently diagnosed with cancer, undergoing chemo or radiation), I recommend taking the RYL 500.You take it according to body weight. It’s one capsule per 55 pounds of body weight, and contains 500 mg of beta glucan.  Call me with any questions at all at 800-584-3216.  

See 10-Question & Answer Interview
with Lisa Buldo and A.J. Lanigan

Questions Asked and Answered in this Interview:

1. What is the Immune System? (1:15 – 4:30)

2.  How does stress, either emotional or physical (as with athletes — young and older), affect the Immune System? (4:08 – 6:43)

 3. What is Beta Glucan? Are there different sources? What’s proven to be the best source? (6:45 – 8:40)
4.  How can beta Glucan protect us from diseases such as cancer, the flu and different viruses such as Ebola, and has this beta glucan been tested and studied extensively? (8:41 – 11:50)

5. Can beta Glucan help someone who has already been diagnosed with any type of cancer, and is it helpful if someone is presently undergoing chemotherapy or radiation, and even after they’ve had chemo or radiation? (11:51 – 16:31)
6. We offer two different strengths of Beta Glucan… RVB 300 and the RYL 500. What’s the difference between them? (16:39 – 21:53)

7. How much should a person take, and is it possible to take too much? (22:03 – 30:30). Includes 3 categories of persons who should not take beta glucan).

8. Is this beta Glucan good for children, and what’s the best way for a child (say 10 years old or younger) to take it?  And… if someone has difficulty swallowing a capsule, can they just break it open and mix with food or drink? How about giving it to pets? (30:33 – 34:45)

9. Is it a good idea to take extra beta glucan before travelling on a plane,
going to a large event, or even before and after surgery to prevent infection? (35:30 – 36:55)

10. Is this beta glucan good for allergies or asthma? Has it been shown to be helpful in regulating blood sugar, lowering bad cholesterol, helpful for high blood pressure or prostate issues? Everything? (36:57 – END).


See comparison video here!

Comparison to Other Immune Supplements – Our beta glucan 1, 3-D has been tested against well over 50 other compounds that advertise, “they have the best immune supplement available.” NOT SO!  NOT EVEN ONE  has been able to outperform our beta glucan. This is what is available to YOU and those you love. 

Order here.

If you are basically healthy, but want to protect your immune system, order the RVB 300. If you have asthma or allergies like I did, or you’ve been through cancer, chemo or radiation, or are presently diagnosed with cancer, undergoing chemo or radiation, add the RYL 500. You take it according to body weight. Call me with any questions at all at 800-584-3216.

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