Lisa Buldo

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Lisa is called to help the multitudes to live in victory… spiritually, emotionally and physically and financially.

Watch Lisa’s TV Interview with Carman on TBN’s “Praise the Lord.”
Lisa shares her personal testimony on marriage, divorce, the occult, depression, weight loss tips and more!

Watch Highlights – Lisa’s TV Interview on “Paula Today” with Pastor Paula White
Lisa Buldo and Paula White discuss weight loss, acne and digestive issues.

See Lisa’s Interview on “Atlanta Live,” where she discusses “Healthy and Victorious Living, including Healthy Nutrition Tips!

New York #1 TV News Interview Re: Healthy Nutrition

Radio Shows Include:

730 AM-KDAZ; Family Life Radio; KSBJ Sunday Night Radio Show; WKTO Radio “Daily Moments”; The Debbie Chavez Show; WMPH Radio “Heart to Heart”; WWJC Radio “Northland Notebook”; and CJCJ Radio “The Morning Show”; “Voice America”; “Blog Talk Radio,” and “Living Fit” with Laura Mak.

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