Lisa Buldo


Lisa is now offering a limited number of Private “Breakthrough Sessions” per month via Skype or Messenger.

Do you struggle with fear, anger, depression or any type of physical, emotional or spiritual concerns? Lisa wants to see you receive an immediate breakthrough so you can move forward into your God-given destiny and be free from everything that’s been holding you back.

Lisa’s mentoring style is unique and extremely effective in that her counsel is based on the Word of God (the Bible). She also has a gift in the prophetic.

Expect to change your life. You can be sure of success if you are teachable and coachable, and you follow the simple and clear recommendations based on biblical principles. Below is how to work with Lisa…

From Lisa… How We Work Together…

I’m known for my no-nonsense approach to victorious living. At the same time I’m super caring and committed to seeing you get results.  This is why I choose to work only with you who are ready for change, ready to make an investment in yourself, and desire to get a “breakthrough”… in whatever area YOU need a breakthrough.

During our time together, I will ask questions and give recommendations. I will give you counsel based on God’s Word. I will also release what the LORD reveals to me for your situation. We’ll have fun together, and if you’re open to what God’s Word says, there’s no doubt that you’ll receive the breakthrough you desire.

I’m now offering a limited number of Private “Breakthrough Sessions” per month via the Internet on Messenger or Skype. This way we can see each other face to face!  You can even use your smartphone!

In Your Private 60-Minute Private Breakthrough Session, you can expect to:

  • Get Breakthrough in the area where you need it most: physical, emotional and spiritual, relationships, business.
  • Break free from fear, anxiety, depression, sickness, addictions, all of it!
  • Find out how to use your God-given authority now and forever against the enemy.
  • Discover your God-given purpose and destiny!
  • Gain clarity on what your next steps should be!

Note: This Breakthrough Session will be tailored around what YOU desire breakthrough for.  You may request additional follow up sessions, but be prepared to receive breakthrough in ONE session!

60-Minute Private Breakthrough Session (via Skype or Messenger)
One Payment: $197

Lisa chooses to work with those who choose to invest in themselves and are ready for change. Lisa is “results” oriented, and will not work with those who whine or complain. If you are serious and ready for change, then book your Breakthrough Session with Lisa today.