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Become a Health Coach

Let me ask you…

Are you passionate about health and helping others?

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be a
Certified Health Coach?

You could help the people you love to:

Transform their health
Get off medications
Have more energy
Look and feel better
…and live longer!

What if you could become a Health Coach, and instead of paying $5,000 you could pay just $500? YES! It’s TRUE!

Now you can have the same certification that I have. This is exactly what I have used with clients so successfully for years!

You see, I initially paid $8,500 to attend the largest nutrition school in the world. As soon as I graduated in 2006, my husband got sick with ulcerative colitis. The saddest part is that while I learned every dietary theory out there at that big nutrition school, I didn’t know how to help my own husband. I felt totally helpless.

Then something wonderful happened…

Someone gave us a book by Jordan Rubin that changed everything… I mean everything. Following Jordan’s protocol, my husband got well within 6 months with ZERO medication. Shortly thereafter, I saw that Jordan had a Biblical Heath Coaching Certification program online, and I wanted to be certified by Jordan Rubin! I went through the 40 hour online course, and got my certification in just two weeks! You can too! Ask me how.

The information I learned in this 40-hour online Health Coaching Certification Program is exactly what I have used with my clients with SUPER AMAZING RESULTS over the last several years.

This is what I am offering you today… you can get YOUR Health Coaching Certification by Jordan Rubin in as little as two weeks, and the possibilities are limitless!

You can pay $5,000 to become a Certified Health Coach and learn every dietary theory out there… or you can become a Certified Health Coach with Jordan Rubin for $500 and learn nutrition God’s way! If I had to do it again? Uh… it wouldn’t even be thought… I’d choose the latter for SURE! 🙂

And here’s even MORE good news…

What if I told you that in addition to getting your health coaching certification, you would also have your own health and wellness business all set up for you and ready to go? Yes… it’s true!

And if that weren’t enough…

What if this also came with $500 worth of the finest products available to transform your health today?

IT’S ALL TRUE! ALL of this is available to you right now ~ it’s yours for the taking.

If you have ever dreamed of becoming a health coach or having your own business, you can literally re-design your life and never have to be at someone’s mercy worrying about finances again. We will show you how! With your health coaching certification and business, you can:

…. Be healthy, feel great, look younger and live longer…
…. Work less, make more and have time to enjoy your life…
…. Help the people you love do the same…. it’s SO easy!
…. Be part of a winning team that cares about your success…
…. Be part of something bigger and make a huge difference in the world.

The time to do this is NOW.  ALL of this can be yours for a one-time $500. Even if you don’t want to be a health coach, you can still become a nutrition expert and use this information for yourself and those you love.

You can get started right now… today!

I am so excited for you and I look forward to helping you get started on this new journey!! It’s going to be AMAZING!

See a short video with Jordan Rubin here: and then contact me at: 1-800-584-3216. Leave a detailed message and I will return your call as quickly as possible.

Great blessings to you,

Lisa Buldo
Certified Health Coach
Victorious Life Mentor
Author, Speaker & TV Host

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