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Breakthrough Session
*  Do you struggle with defeating thoughts?
*  Are emotions sabotaging your relationships?
*  Do you feel stress, anxiety or fear frequently?
*  Do you have health challenges or concerns?
*  Do you wonder what your purpose is?
*  Need clarity around next steps to take?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, you are a candidate for a private “Breakthrough Session.”

My Story…

I can help you because I’ve been through all of this too! I was in a physically and emotionally abusive relationship for five years, went through an abortion, had a baby out of wedlock, had a miscarriage, went through divorce, struggled with depression, a poverty mindset, anger issues and health challenges of asthma, allergies, acne and digestion issues. On top of all of that, I was addicted to psychics and thought I could die.

Oh yeah… it was bad… real bad. Then one day, after trying EVERYTHING else, I dropped to my knees and asked God to help me. I told Him I was sorry and I was tired of doing things my way. I asked Him to teach me His ways. Jesus’ came in and cleaned up the mess that I was. It was a process, but I tell you the truth, to be where I am today, I am glad all of this happened. It wasn’t fun, but it was necessary.

Now I help multitudes… and I want to help you.

Breakthrough SessionGod now uses me as His vessel to help people all over the world to overcome and live victorious lives. I am ordained as a minister of healing and as a marketplace prophet. I am called to heal and restore emotional, physical and spiritual health, as well as to prophetically release destiny into the lives of young people, and to people in the area of business (marketplace). The LORD has called me to bring light into the dark places, and help the multitudes to live in victory.

You can expect to get a breakthrough in the area you most desire it. It’s called a “Breakthrough Session” because of the “Breaker’s Anointing” on my life to BREAK darkness, whether spiritual, emotional or physical… all of it!

My coaching style is unique and extremely effective, as I incorporate Biblical Principles from the Bible (the Word of God) in all of my teaching, coaching and speaking. You’ll leave this Breakthrough Session feeling uplifted and encouraged, having a clear sense of what to do next.

How we work together…

Breakthrough SessionI’m known for my no-nonsense approach to victorious living. At the same time I’m super caring and committed to seeing you get results.  This is why I choose to work only with you who are ready for change, ready to make an investment in yourself, and desire to get a “breakthrough”… in whatever area YOU need a breakthrough.

During our time together, I will ask questions and give recommendations, as well any prophetic words as the LORD reveals. We’ll have fun together, and if you’re open to what God’s Word says, there’s no doubt that you’ll receive the Breakthrough you desire.

I’m now offering a limited number of Private “Breakthrough Sessions” per month via the Internet on Messenger or Skype. This way we can see each other face to face! :) You can even use your smartphone!

In Your Private 50-Minute Private Breakthrough Session, you can expect to:

  • Get Breakthrough in the area where you need it most (health (physical, emotional and spiritual), relationships, business).
  • Break free from fear, anxiety, depression, sickness, addictions, all of it!
  • Find out how to use your God-given authority now and forever against the enemy.
  • Discover your God-given purpose and destiny!
  • Gain clarity on what your next steps should be!

Note: This Breakthrough Session will be tailored around what YOU desire breakthrough for.  You may request additional follow up sessions, but be prepared to receive breakthrough in ONE session!

50-Minute Private Breakthrough Session (via Skype or Messenger)
One Payment: $197

30-Minute Follow Up Session (via Skype, Messenger or Telephone)
(Available only if you’ve previously had a Breakthrough Session)
One Payment: $125

See this Testimonial from Claudia:

Hi Lisa,
I just want you to know, even though you probably already know, you were so right the other day.  I feel like a new person.  I didn’t realize how I let that spirit of fear into my life.  It was 3 years ago this past March when that doctor told me I was going to die.  I look back now and see how that really affected me all this time.  I was just trying to survive.  And because I was feeling better it really didn’t manifest until the other day when I was attacked physically in my body, and I was in so much pain.  I am free now and I feel so much better.  I’m following everything you told me to do.  I was writing everything you said down while you were instructing me and talking.  I know without a doubt I am healed!!  I’ve learned so much since talking to you.
You are so anointed by God, the Word of God just flows out of you with so much wisdom.  You help so many people, I thank God for you.  I pray God can use me someday to help those that are hurting like you do.  I can’t express to you how wonderful I feel and how free I am. Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule for me, and God Bless.”
~Claudia Simmons

Grab your spot today before they’re gone for this month. I look forward to getting to know you and see you aspire to ALL God has called you to be!

Love, Peace and Blessings, and I’ll see you soon!

Lisa Buldo

**  During your Breakthrough Session with Lisa, she will give you recommendations based on the Word of God and what the LORD reveals to her prophetically. Lisa Buldo, individually and Lisa Buldo International, LLC  is in no way liable or responsible for actions you choose to take as a result of the Breakthrough Session(s).  You are solely liable and responsible for your decisions about your life. If you agree to this, go ahead and book your Breakthrough Session with Lisa here


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