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Dangers of Artificial Sweeteners

Say NO to Artificial Sweeteners

More and more reports are confirming that artificial sweeteners are no good for you.  That means all diet sodas and diet drinks as well.  It’s because… well, it’s artificial.  Anything that is “artificial” is not good to ingest into your body.  Your body views it as a toxic foreign substance, and it doesn’t break down in your body properly.

I don’t recommend white table sugar either, but a little “sugar in the raw” which is the brown sugar, or “turbinado” sugar, would be better choices.  There is also Stevia, which is natural, but does have a bit of an aftertaste.

Artificial sweeteners are also shown to cause your taste buds to want more sweets over time, since artificial sweeteners TASTE MORE SWEET than sugar.  It’s a big deception.  I have heard so many people tell me they are “addicted” to diet soda.  Now you know why.  Sugar is not the only culprit.  Look at artificial sweeteners.

Aspartame has been linked to brain cancer and brain tumors.  Think about this.  If it’s artificial, and it doesn’t break down properly in your body, what is happening and where is the residue being stored?  That’s a thought provoking question without getting technical.  It just makes sense.

If possible, try to take your coffee without sugar.  If you must have a sweetener, opt for just a little of the above mentioned raw brown sugar or perhaps, stevia.

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