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Say No to GMO Foods!

Say NO to GMO

GMOs in ySay No to GMOour food are on the rise.  This is vital information for your health.  What are GMOs?  They are “genetically modified organisms.”  Our food is being “experimented” with or “genetically modified” by injecting a gene from a different species into another species.  Ewwww!  Do you really want to eat a tomato that’s been injected with a gene from a fish?  This is exactly what is happening! 

So in this short video below, I show you how to know the difference so you can avoid buying GMO fruits and vegetables.  Keep in mind that seedless fruits are GMO fruits.  They are not natural.  God made seeds in fruits so they would reproduce after their own kind.

It is important to note that corn is one of the most genetically modified foods out there, and unfortunately, that is what is mostly being fed to inorganic chickens and cows.  You must know what you are buying and eating.

Also — you want to avoid fruits and vegetables that have been grown with pesticides as much as possible because pesticides can also contribute to hormonal imbalance, among other things.  You need healthy hormones to be healthy.  This is also especially important to women in that pre-menopausal or menopausal state.

For even more information on Genetically Modified Foods, click here to see a great article by Dr. Mercola.

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