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Give Yourself the Gift of YOU! Get Healthy God's WayThis is exactly the system that Lisa uses to teach her clients everything you need to lose weight, get healthy AND live victoriously is in this wonderful 3-CD-Set. 

CD#1 Nutrition for Weight Loss (which foods to focus on, and which to avoid!)
CD#2 Control Stress (breathing, exercise, laughter, relaxation, prayer and sleep!)
CD#3 Doing it God’s Way(and loving life!)

                                               $47 (Includes one-page shopping list!)

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“IT CAN BE DONE!”  ‘You CAN Live in Victory 24/7’

What’s been holding you back from living the good life?  Is it your PAST?   Is it relationships?  Your health? Your finances?   Then this book is for YOU!
In this book, you will discover:

The #1 Secret to Living the Good Life
How to Stop Living in Yesterday
The Power of Words to Create Your Future
How to Master Your Emotions
How to Get Fit and Stay Fit for Life
How to Make Money Doing What You Love
The Best Investment You Will Ever Make

$14.95 (Paperback book)  See more…

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Weight Loss Made Simple

“Weight Loss Made Simple!” ‘5 Secrets to Eat Healthy and Lose Weight Effortlessly’
Lisa has lived by these simple time-tested key nutrition principles for years, and she has helped so many lose weight effortlessly just by applying these simple secrets.  Lisa calls them secrets because most people are NOT doing these things which can keep your body healthy for the rest of your life!

 This one’s a gift on me including a FREE Cheat Sheet!  (For a Limited Time)
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Say Good-bye to Acne Forever!

“Say Good-bye to Acne… Forever!”
Clear your acne without drugs and FAST! If you have tried everything under the sun to get rid of your acne, take heart… I’ve been where you are, and so have many of my clients! I’ve got your only real acne solution right here!   See more..

$37.00 (Instant download)

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Healthy Shopping List

Lisa’s One-Page Food Shopping List 

I’ve broken it down very simply for you into one page. Just make your list from these foods, and you’ll be on your way to a healthier and leaner you in no time.  This list makes food shopping a breeze, and there’s no crazy diets involved ~ just good whole food nutrition! (Included free with the above 3-CD Set!)

$7.00 (Instant download)

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#1 Body Detox/Cleanse – Order directly from website.

Just 3 simple products and easy to use!   This is a cleanse that I have personally used many times and highly recommend.

IMPORTANT:  Be SURE to order and take “PROBIOTIC” supplement with any cleanse! This is VITAL to doing the cleanse properly. You can either order their “Flora Protect,” or use a probiotic of your choosing.

Legal Disclaimer: Everything contained in the CD/Series, E-books, and all products are not meant to take the place of any medical advice. You are responsible for your own health. Lisa Buldo and Lisa Buldo International, LLC is not responsible for any advice given in her CD-Series or otherwise. As with any health endeavor, your must consult with your doctor before implementation of any recommendations given.


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