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Tests in Life

Tests in Life ~ and How to Pass Them.

Tests in Life

We ALL go through tests often in life, and we need to be equipped as to HOW to handle them. I read this amazing book called “The Next Test” by Marios Ellinas. After reading this book, you will no longer question why a test shows up in your life.  Instead, you will know exactly how to “ace” that test, and the ones that follow throughout your lifetime.  This book is for EVERYONE.Easy to read, understand, and backed by Scripture 100%, it is a “MUST HAVE” for your library of books.  

Don’t Question the Tests in Your Life Any Longer… Just Pass Them.

Marios Ellinas is a Pastor and one my mentors, as well as one of our closest family friends. Marios knows about intimacy with God.  This book will show you how to walk through your tests in life and how to get an “A” on every test!  This is a subject I have not heard anyone else address like this.  I couldn’t put this book down, and I trust you will feel the same way.

Ready to Pass Your Tests in Life?

This book is “A REAL eye-opener” and truly life-changing! I suggest you pick it up, and some extras to bless others with!  The book is also available at

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