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8 Keys to Weight Loss Made Simple

Weight Loss Made Easy for You

Weight Loss Made Simple
Today I’m going to give you 8 keys to weight loss made simple. It was never meant to be about a diet. Many rely on weight loss pills or even weight loss surgery, but it’s not about that. The best weight loss pills in the world will not make you healthy or help you lose weight permanently.


90 Essential Nutrients

How to Prevent Nutritional Deficiencies

90 Essential Nutrients

In addition to eating a healthy whole-foods, and eating gluten-free and GMO free, there are 90 Essential Nutrients that every human being needs to prevent nutritional deficiencies, which can result in disease. (more…)

7 Tips to Reverse Diabetes

 You Can Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

7 Tips to Reverse Diabetes
Today I’m going to give you 7 tips to reverse diabetes, and talk about how you can reverse diabetes. I am talking about Type 2 Diabetes here. Is that even possible? It is absolutely possible.  (more…)

The Secret to Healthy Living

Is There a Real Secret to Healthy Living? Yes!

Secret to Healthy LivingThe secret to healthy living is to continually be in a place of peace (or rest) on the inside.
Peace means not being stressed out. Peace means you can do whatever you need to do, and feel good about it. It means thoughts of fear may come to your mind about things you physically need to do, but your heart will be at peace.  It means living a “Spirit-led” life by letting the Holy Spirit be your Guide at every moment. Romans 8:14 says “Those are led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God.”  (This goes for daughters too!)  Hello…  That’s me!  🙂 (more…)

Dangers of Astrology and the Occult

Are there really Dangers of Astrology and the Occult?

Dangers of Astrology and the OccultYou bet there is!  I did an interview for Divine Intervention radio detailing the dangers of astrology and the occult, and how it’s a subtle deception that pulls you in little by little, and can really wreak havoc on your life. (more…)

Immune System and Cancer

The Immune System and Disease (including cancer)

Immune System and Cancer

Your immune system is your body’s ONLY defense to protect you from ALL forms of disease (germs, bad bacteria, parasites and cancer). Without the immune system, healing would not take place. It is working every second of every minute of every day. When it does not work properly, you get infections, viruses and worse. 

Beta glucan activates the immune system receptors to attack tumors, growths, and gobble up bad cells in the body like pac-man.   (more…)

Are You Eating Healthy Eggs?

Are You Eating Healthy Eggs?

Are You Eating Healthy EggsSo nutrition facts tell us that eggs are an amazing source of protein, but are you eating healthy eggs?

This subject is fascinating to me, especially in light of the fact that for years we kept hearing about how eggs raise bad cholesterol levels. This is simply not true! Fried foods raise cholesterol. Your brain is made up of mostly cholesterol, and without enough of it, people get Alzheimer’s disease. (more…)

Walk Like Jesus Did – AMAZING!

You Can Walk Like Jesus Did

Walk Like Jesus DidHave you ever wanted to know how you live a naturally “Supernatural” life and walk like Jesus did?  You absolutely CAN! In Jeffrey Stewart’s new FREE ebook, “Words to His Beloved Bride,” Jeffrey shares so much divine revelation that can transform your life. Our Father in Heaven WANTS us to walk exactly as Jesus did while here on the earth.  The only way to walk like Jesus did is to be led by the Holy Spirit.  You will be so glad to have this amazing book. (more…)