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What is Thermography?

Thermography vs. Mammography


It had been 13 years since my last mammography, and a few years ago at age 47,  I knew it was time to get checked again, but I did not want the radiation of a traditional mammogram.  Not only that, but I found the mammogram a bit painful.  Then I heard about this new concept and thought “what is thermography?” 
I had interviewed Tammy Kohlschmidt, Clinical Thermographer and Body Talk Practitioner in New York City, on TBN’s “Joy in Our Town,” and I was introduced to the concept of the thermogram.  I was very intrigued, and decided to go for it.

What is Thermography, and why do I recommend it?  See the video below:

Now you can see the benefits of Thermography vs. a Mammogram.

The bottom line is that early detection can save lives.  I was very pleased at how the whole thermography process works.  It is not painful or invasive.  It is very thorough and accurate, and I am happy to report that my results were fine!  I can see how this is even more thorough than a mammogram, because if there is a lump there, they can see if it is simply a fatty cyst, or if it is something that needs more attention.  There is no need to have an unnecessary biopsy for a lump.

What is Thermography?  The video above tells you, and I highly recommend it for all women who are thinking about getting a mammogram.

The best part is that thermography is not just for the breasts.  It can also detect issues within your digestive system and other areas.  I just love the whole concept, personally.

It’s very cost effective as well, since it is not covered by medical insurance.  The cost is about $250.00, and worth every penny for the peace of mind.  So if you have been wondering, “what is thermography,” and what are the benefits over a mammogram, now you know.

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